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My love for photography started at a young age. Almost every Christmas, I would get a new Kodak 110 film camera with the cube shaped flash and would drive everyone crazy taking pictures. The first 35mm SLR I owned was a Pentax K1000 SE. During the 80's, I graduated to a Nikon F3 and a Nikon N2020. Adulthood saw my shooting relegated to just vacations. My interest in photography was rekindled once I purchased my first DSLR. The camera was a first-generation Canon Digital Rebel. I eventually traded it in for a Nikon D80. Now I shoot with a Nikon D750. I guess I will always be a Nikon shooter although I would love to try a Phase One and a 4X5.

Buoyed by a love of travel, I have ventured into landscapes and have learned to recognize interesting landscapes that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. I even stopped on a highway in Arizona to take a photo of a cloud formation I call “Witches Hat” (although I don’t recommend stopping on a highway). Trying to improve my photographic skills, I completed some photography workshops and have acquired an interest in High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. 

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