"The Concert and the Contest"

All you need is love (or at least, love this piece)! This framed wonder was from a customer who won tickets to see the Beetles at Shea Stadium, and includes the concert poster (signed by the Concert Promoter), original ticket stubs, and award letter from the radio station.

Larson Juhl Soho Black moulding, Artique 8-Ply Mat, Mylar Bags (to properly display and keep the torn ticket stubs intact), and TruVue Conservation Glass, were all combined to preserve this historic, momentous occasion of a lifetime.

Do you have any treasured concert momentos or musical memories you would like to perserve and display? Select "CONTACT" at the top of this page to set up your appointment to create something remarkable now!

Elegant Wedding Invitation

Here is another wedding invitation we completed: we used a gold, embossed Omega Moulding frame, Artique 8-Ply White mat, and Tru-Vue Museum glass. This invitation, as it is framed, makes for a beautiful and elegant gift.

Caribbean Flare Wedding Invitation

This fun invite was designed to look like a passport, with some Caribbean flare. We decided to use a natural wood frame with bright green accents from Designer Moulding. An 8 Ply White Artique mat, cut with multiple openings, creates the perfect layout. Tru Vue museum glass protects the piece and allows for flawless clarity.

Inaugural Hartford Athletics Jersey

We framed this Inaugural Hartford Athletics jersey for Trinity Healthcare of New England/Saint Francis Hospital, with their intent to publically display it for all to enjoy. Trinity Healthcare of New England is the team’s sponsor.
This jersey has been signed by the team and shadowboxed in a Larson Juhl SOHO black frame with matting to match the team colors, Mariner Blue all around with 1/4' inch strip of Irish Green encasing it.  The Jersey has been sewn onto the Mariner Blue background, and it is protected by Tru Vue Conservation Clear glass to prevent any UV damage.
If you are interested in having your Hartford Athletics jersey framed or any other of your favorite sports team’s jerseys framed, please visit us to get your memorabilia protected so that you can proudly display it in your home or office, and show off your team pride!

Isn't this 'MARVEL'ous!

One custom painted and sculpted acrylic PRISMA frame from Bella Moulding, TruVue Museum Glass, and Captain Marvel design by Mondo Tees,  all together make for one stunning exposition.

Stethoscope Shadowbox

This original and unique shadowbox was commissioned as a gift for a retiring Doctor and President of a hospital.

We started by cutting two openings into a mat, with each of them being fitted with a fillet made from the “Veine D’Or” collection by Omega Moulding, to provide a decorative edge. The first opening features a stethoscope, which was sewn into place using fishing wire. The second opening has a custom metal plate, cut with our in-house laser and inscribed with a dedication.

The frame came from another collection by Omega Moulding called “Allure”, with Artique black matting and TruVue Museum Glass used to complete the piece.

Worldly Adventures

A simple, yet elegant black frame was used to encase this scratch-off world map.

Where did your favorite trip take you?

A Hidden Treasure

While renovating his home, this customer found this brick encased within a wall.

A Larson Juhl “Anvil” bolted steel frame and 8-ply white mat were used to complete this piece. It was also floated with no glass.

"The Punisher": A Compilation

Featuring "The Punisher" series by Marvel, this collage of comic books consists of 8 openings, which were then set into an acid-free box to hold everything in place. 

A Satin Black Framerica frame,  white "Artique" conservation mat by Larson Juhl, and TruVue Conservation Glass were all used to complete this compilation.

Contemporary Shadowbox

Originally created in 1977, this piece is a multi-layered watercolor incorporating use of raised-cut paper, which duplicates the background image. It was also framed in a plexiglass box, but was showing the signs of age.


The customer wanted to create a unique look that not only showcased the piece, but captured the look of the 1970’s - we were able to do this in two installments.


For the first part, we chose to shadowbox the artwork in a Bright Silver metallic frame from Omega Moulding “Apex’ series, in which we had to perform some very custom work on this piece to make it fit. Initially, the silver shadowbox frame was a little too tall for our project, so we trimmed it down a bit with our table saw, removing a 1/4” of material from the bottom. After this was completed, we installed the artwork into the frame with TruVue Museum Glass and MightyCore inserts on the sides to separate the art from the glass.


The second part of this project was the Floater frame that we used on the outside. We chose the really bright and funky Tangerine Orange Floater from Omega Moulding’s “Pop!” Collection. Typically used to frame Gallery Wrapped Canvas, we repurposed this very 1970’s colored frame to add the "final touch" that was essential to complete the glitzy and glamorous look of our custom shadowbox frame.

A Soldier's Letter

This creation is actually two framed pieces: the first frame includes the envelope, a photo of the father in uniform and his navy discharge papers. The second frame is a “collage" of a four-page letter written by the customer’s father to his mother, as he was leaving for home after World War II. 


An Omega ebony walnut veneer frame was used, as well as conservation matting and museum glass.

Check Out This Piece 'Cause She's Marvelous

This piece was commissioned by a loving father for his big fan of a daughter. To keep with the spirit of the picture, a Nielsen Electric Blue metal frame was used, along with a white mat and conservation glass.

An Ultimate Expression of Love

This work of art was affectionately created by a group of four grandchildren for their grandfather (pay special attention to each letter below the picture). A Larson Juhl Lancaster grey cap, conservation white mat, and TrueVue onservation glasswork were used to ensure the timelessness of this piece.

Original Abstract by Amy Kaplan

This original watercolor created by Amy Kaplan was framed in a custom-created acrylic Prisma frame. Prisma frames can be customized in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs to complement your artwork. This frame was done in the "Risa" shape, using two cream tones to complement the artist's vision. This piece also used museum to remove the reflection and provide 99% UV protection.

Come talk to us about customizing a Prisma frame for your unique masterpiece.

Landscape of trees

This original watercolor depicting a landscape of trees was a challenge due to the very large size. The customer chose an Omega Moulding in the "Mercer" line with gray and silver tones, a hand wrapped linen mat and museum glass to cut the reflection and provide 99% UV protection from light. Overall the piece measured 45" x 65".

Flag for Hope

A limited edition of a flag made up of thousands of handprints from all over the United States. The signatures on the backside represent each star. This was the last item Muhammad Ali signed before his passing.

War Scene

This is a canvas print of a battle scene from the Russo-Polish War (1654-1667). It is 102 inches long, mounted, and framed in a Framerica Catalog Honey frame.

AWC Trophy

A trophy we designed for the American Whippet Club, National Specialty ‘Best of Opposite Sex’ to be donated to the organization by Phoebe Booth, Martie Boyer, and Jill Davies. The base is an ash post with laser-engraved cherry wood adornments and aluminum name plates.

Special thanks to Robert Marvin of Torque Consultants for design consultation and to Josh Barbero for the wood design.

Golf Shadow Box

This shadow box was a retirement gift. The flag was signed by Jack Nicklaus, who is pictured at St. Andrews Links in Scotland in the photo. He is widely regarded as the greatest golfer of all time. The frame was a Lucerne by Larson Juhl and was matted with on linen.

Pastel Rabbits

A framed pastel by Beth Shistle (bethshistle.com) titled "A Family of Rabbits". It was done in Designer Moulding with an 8-ply Artique mat and Tru-vue Museum Glass to ensure continued preservation of the work.

Elephant Print

To enhance the beauty of this toned, limited edition photograph we constructed a two inch wide contemporary frame from the Larson Juhl Spoleto collection. The mat, possessing an asphalt texture from Banbridge, mimics the look of the ground where the elephant is standing. Tru-vue Museum Glass was used to protect the piece from fading and eliminate reflection.


Ready-made Jersey Display Box

Have a sports jersey you’d like to display?

We offer both custom and ready-made services sure to suit your needs.

This stock display box is 32”x40” with a contemporary black and silver frame made of metal. There is a pop-off front and a permanent hangar, which allows the customer to easily change the jersey if desired.

Custom Jersey Display Box

Have a sports jersey you’d like to display?

We offer both custom and ready-made services sure to suit your needs.

This custom display box was created to frame a Detroit Red Wings jersey signed by hockey legend Gordie Howe. We used a red textural lacquered Komodo frame by Larson Juhl and Tru-vue Museum Glass to eliminate reflection and protect the jersey from fading. The box itself is approximately two inches deep

Derek Jeter Signed Base

Our customer purchased this signed base used in Derek Jeter’s last game. It was also the first baseball game he and his son attended together. As requested, a photo of the two of them, the game ticket, and Jeter’s number patch was included in the display.

A special frame with a depth of five inches had to be constructed to accommodate the base, creating a unique shadow box. The mat was navy blue suede with a white liner, and Tru-vue Museum Glass was used to prevent fading and eliminate reflection.


A guide to custom framing your art and photos

Have some artwork that needs framing and feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of choices available?  Check out this article to help understand what options you have and what they are for.  If you have any questions still, please don't hesitate to call us or schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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