"To Bette, With Love"

3 small images measuring 5" x 7" each were painted for our customer as a gift from her friend. Each image had a hand written title on the back and one of them had a hand written note. We scanned the back of the paintings so we could capture the original hand written information. We processed the scanned images in Photoshop to define the handwriting so we could extract it and create the printed titles, in the original handwriting, that you can see in the finished piece.

Each image is attached directly to the Artique white matboard and an opening is cut for each title and the personal note. The frame for this piece is the Deep Sea Blue color from the Larson Juhl Carnivale Collection. The pieces were set back as a shadowbox using the same Artique white mat on the sides to separate the images from the Tru Vue Museum glass with 99% UV protection.

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