Art, Frame & Photo Restoration and Repair

Restoration Services

The loss of treasured memories can be devastating.  We can assist you in the process of recovering damaged artwork and photographs.  We have a Master Restorer onsite with over 30 years of experience in the Restoration Arts.  Our restorers have the ability to repair and clean your damaged Oil & Acrylic Paintings and Antique Frames.  We also have the ability to repair and clean your damaged Oil & Acrylic Paintings and Antique Frames. Paper artwork can be repaired through a digital copy and reprint process.  Damaged frames can be repaired, reguilded or replaced to match the original framing.

  • Oil & Acrylic Paintings
  • Antique Frames
  • Photographs (Digital Reproduction Only)
  • Paper Artwork (Digital Reproduction Only)

Picture Frame Repairs

Accidents happen, your frame was damaged and you still like the artwork or you want to try and repair the frame, we can help!

Did your glass break or maybe the framed art was sitting around for a long time and needs to be refreshed.  With most damage, we can repair or reuse a frame that you have and make it as good as new.  If your glass broke, we can reglaze it possibly upgrading it to UV blocking glass to keep your artwork from fading.  If your frame is showing it’s age, let us open it up and clean the glass and maybe refresh the matting and backing to provide you with updated colors and archival materials.

All repairs begin with an evaluation, then we can show you all the options available, stop in or call us today to talk.

Repair Services

  • Repair Broken Frames
  • Replace Broken or Old Glass
  • Replace Old or Damaged Matting
  • Reuse Old Frames for New Projects
  • Open up and Clean your Frame then Reassemble
  • New Backing Paper
  • New Wire for Hanging on the Wall

Upgrade Suggestions

  • Change your Current Glass to UV or Museum Glass with 99% UV Protection
  • Upgrade your Matting to Archival or Cotton Rag Materials
  • Upgrade your Backing Materials to Archival Boards

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